Barre Fly Fitness is Franklin County’s first boutique exercise studio, bringing Nashville’s hottest fitness trends and fusing it with a small town feel.

Barre Fly Fitness

Barre Fly Fitness (BFF) classes are a fun yet challenging way to focus on self-motivational goals of strength, balance and alignment. Take your body and mind to the next level- you deserve it! Move from the barre, to the rebounder (mini trampoline), to the mat, leaving no muscle untouched in this full body workout designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone in all the right places. Participants of every level/experience are welcome!

YOU will not be judged. YOU will be loved. For one hour of your day you can be YOU. YOU can leave your worries at the front door. You do NOT need to know how to dance.... trust me!!!!!! Come as YOU are!

Expect to be challenged physically, but also have the ability to work at your fitness level, with modifications and progressions for any exercise. We guarantee results within 30 days by attending only 3 classes per week.

Expect to be sore. Expect to surprise yourself!

Barre Fly Fitness